United: 1.7B profit for 3Q15

it is but their expected margin for the 4th quarter is falling.

further, their RASM was middle of the pack for the big 3 (DL better, AA expected to be worse based on guidance) but UA's cost control so far has been the best of the big 4.

Fuel alone was down over $1 billion for the quarter.

RASM was down in all global regions plus domestic with Latin America both with double digit yield and RASM declines on added capacity while domestic RASM was down only 1.6%.

UA also reverse some of the same tax benefits that DL did a while ago that resulted in DL starting to account for income taxes.

AA won't be far behind. The benefit for AA most recently and UA not far behind has been that their mergers took place in increasingly strong periods for the industry which means that their tax allowances get "eaten up" fairly quickly.

Nonetheless for UA right now, they are beginning to see the financial benefits of their turnaround.. .and since most of it happened before the executive shakeups, it says that the strategies were put in place and are bearing fruit before all of the revolving doors at UA's C suite.

and UA appears to be making further cuts to its int'l network which will likely improve financial performance.