United's first profit post pandemic

Yep, some good numbers and a respectable profit margin.

The comments Kirby made this morning about capturing new traffic due to hybrid work are interesting -- people who no longer have to be in the office Monday to Friday are finding out they can head somewhere any day of the week and work from there. For people who make good money and can afford the tickets, that's a great opportunity.

When I was remote-based 10+ years ago, when the kids were out of school we had the ability to go wherever the RV could take us as long as it had good wifi and access to a major airport. Worked a month from the beach near Camp Pendleton, and a month from the Kitsap Peninsula in WA without anyone even knowing about it until I submitted my travel receipts to leave from SNA and SEA instead of my usual home airport....

Given the wider availability of wifi, 5G enable phone hotspots, and even cheap international unlimited dataplans, the number of places you can go work remote is endless.
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4th Q is also a good one to end the year. Keep it up United for 2023.