What is jetBlue''s strategy at IAD?


Aug 20, 2002
IAD-LGB. Ok, LGB is their west coast ''focus city''. IAD-OAK. Ok, take on a major where the fares are high (into SFO). IAD-FLL. Leisure route that is underserved. So can we expect more of this from B6, such as IAD-DEN (not even flown by Frontier) or IAD-TPA? Or does WN''s BWI hub make expanding in the Washington area not as lucrative as expanding elsewhere?


Aug 26, 2002
Expect more from B6 at IAD. Despite some overlap, IAD and BWI serve different geographic markets; Northern DC and Maryland to BWI, and Central DC, parts of MD, and Virginia to IAD.

They'll just replicate their JFK destinations from IAD.

I'm beginning to think of B6 as a long-range version of WN.


Aug 20, 2002
This is just a guess, but I think JetBlue is waiting to see what happens with United's bankruptcy proceeding (as it relates to its IAD hub) before making any serious moves there. Once it becomes clearer what direction United is headed, then JetBlue will likely take some action. For instance, if United eliminates the IAD hub, we could see JetBlue adding service from IAD to nearly every city the carrier serves, such as SEA, LAS, SLC, DEN, MSY, various Florida cities, SJU, and perhaps even JFK and/or upstate New York. On the other hand, if United's IAD hub remains largely intact, then I think JetBlue will simply add a few incremental flights every year to Florida and the West Coast, as equipment availability permits. And I think that PBI and RSW service from IAD would be high on JetBlue's list because there is relatively little such service from the Washington area and none from IAD. But we'll just have to wait and see. JMHO.


Aug 19, 2002
While this doesn't exactly mean much. I heard from a Frontier employee that JetBlue is talking about adding 4 flights from DEN sometime this year. They currently use 1 of Frontier's gates which is why Frontier knows every move JetBlue is thinking about from DEN. :)

JetBlue wants it's own gate in DEN also. That can't happen though. AirTran just took the last free gate in DEN. :)

I think we will eventually at some point see JetBlue expand at it's red-eye cities such as SEA, DEN, and SLC (although they got an LGB flight). ONT is a red-eye city, but I don't see much reason in expanding ONT when LGB is there west-coast focus city. There were some rumors a while ago that JetBlue will drop ONT at some point. Not sure how true they are though.


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