What's the business community think of use it or lose it?


Aug 20, 2002
Well, according to [A href=http://biz.yahoo.com/rb/020913/airlines_fares_rules_1.html]this article[/A], they are making some contingency plans.
We have created a monster over the years..I remember in the 80s if you had a 14day advance ticket and did'nt use it
you took it home and lit your fireplace with it...
We spoiled them and now we have to pay for it..It is all our fault.I just did a bg deal for a customer that stood in line for 1 hr and when he got to the counter to check his bags.The agent told him it was to late to get them on the plane with him,He was told we would not deliver them to him when they did arrive at his destination..He had a Y fare
both ways....1,800.00 r/t is that what we have become?
Any comments!!!!
Yes, that's what you've become.

It's not too late though. Fixing it really wouldn't be that hard. It just takes a little courage...