Who stays and who goes?

I've seen Parker go to him when pinned down by tough questions during brown bag meetings. My guess is he retains Al but based on my observations and comments on this forum a change may be in order.
He probably retains him cause McKeen doesnt want to come back and Hemenway has been around and involved in all the contracts on the property.

IMO is a jerk.
I dealt with him when he was a regional director, and as you said he is as arrogant as they come. Didn't care what anyone had to say, and had no interest in even listening to what anyone had to say. Hopefully he won't slip thru the cracks with this merger.
He was my regional director when I worked Air Cargo in TPA before I went into maintenance.

You described him to a T.

The company lawyer told him the Airbus Outsourcing was going to be a loser and dont take on the IAM, he didnt listen and the company lost the arbitration.