Yeah Chip but 3 Mainline cities get the axe for regional replacement[


Aug 20, 2002
Good bye Dayton Louisville and Poor Midway
How many times does this make it for you?
Dayton will have 1 less flight and all mainline replaced with regional This is just First flexing good luck all
Chicago Midway doesn't appear to have any change...3 RJ now and 3RJ later. Montreal and Asheville on the other hand...
had big jets plannned for mdw and mainline employees
just didnt get that far

UAL777flyer is correct, more cuts are coming whether they're voluntary where labor has some choice or court imposed. I do not like it any more than anybody else, but it's a fact.

I don't like my $75,000 cut per year in income either, but what can we do about it? Force the company into liquidation?