American Airlines Partner Air Wisconsin Offers Dispatchers Raises of Zero

Discussion in 'Regional & National Airlines' started by Hatu, Apr 28, 2016.

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    Dispatcher contract talks are not going well because the airline has offered no pay scale increases at all, although it is offering one-time bonuses, which are below $2,000 per dispatcher. "They have no money allocated to give structural contract raises to the dispatchers group," said Danny Persuit, president of Transport Workers Union Local 549, which represents about 800 dispatchers including 29 at Air Wisconsin.

    Air Wisconsin dispatchers start at $15 an hour or about $31,000 annually and top out, after 10 years, at $20 hourly, or about $42,000 annually. By contrast, under a contract Persuit recently negotiated, American dispatchers start out at $70,000 and make about $140,000 annually after 20 years.
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    Unless Air Wisconsin has some 76-seaters in the wings, it's plunging toward terrain at 500 mph, since its only airplanes are 50-seat CRJs.

    If typical mainline dispatchers start at wages 67% higher than the top out pay at Air Wisconsin, shouldn't those 29 dispatchers be looking to join a mainline carrier?

    With DL adding mainline planes as it retires 50-seaters, and hiring mainline pilots, won't they need more dispatchers as well? Same thing at WN, which is adding planes.

    This is a work group of just 29 skilled employees - they need to get their resumes out there. Pronto.
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    DL has just finished running a couple of DX classes...

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