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    Will the Airline Industry Evolve or Die After the Black Swan-ish Disruption?

    Airline stocks saw a double digit gains today as the Coronavirus relief bill is expected to get approved by the government soon to help shield the carriers. Will there be any chance for industry consolidation in the near future? Here's an analysis on the aviation industry during the Coronavirus...
  2. J

    Delta Air Lines beats on earnings and guidance

    Delta Air Lines reported a sharp increase in adjusted earnings for the first quarter, helped by a 5% revenue growth. Delta also provided guidance for the second quarter, predicting strong earnings and revenue growth. Adjusted earnings increased 28% annually to $0.96 per share in the first...
  3. C

    ZED Aerospace set to disrupt U.S. airlines with AURA

    Came across this new airline called AURA today. Looks really cool and the prices they have on their website are actually affordable, like NYC-Chicago for $380. Check out their site: From:
  4. J

    Delta Air Lines Continues to See Week Unit Revenue.

    Delta Air Lines unit revenue, one of the key metric, could face continued weakness until next year. In fact, the unit revenue might remain flat until Q4 2017. Despite this weakness, Delta Airline still beats its rivals American Airlines and United Airlines.
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    The Squawking Bird

    The Squawking Bird has added a news page. Click here.
  6. crossfeed

    United Overhauling Airbus's, in California!

    This week United Airlines started an overhaul of an Airbus 320 at their SFO maintenance base, and more to come. It has been over a decade since United has accomplished an overhaul.
  7. RuaridhP

    Frequent Flyer Programme research help!

    Dear readers, I am conducting research about the success of Frequent Flyer Programmes (FFPs) in influencing purchasing decisions. As I presume that you are all FFP members, I would be grateful if you could complete my survey questionnaire. It is very short (14 simple multiple-choice questions)...