1. C

    lawsuit against the TWU/ IAM Association

    Does anyone know if their was ever a lawsuit filed against the Association in regards to it's legitimacy? I was informed their was one but can't find any info.
  2. T

    Health Insurance and US Airways (LUS) Retirees

    I'm helping a fellow mechanic look at his health insurance options in retirement (LUS). Darned if I can understand exactly what our contract says and I read decent English. Maybe some current retirees can help a guy out. I'm looking at pages 124 and 125 in our contract.   He's 62 and has about...
  3. 7

    Implications of UA IAM PCE agreement for US CWA

    There was some recent discussion in the 2014 Maintenance & Related AMFA Cards thread regarding the implications of the November 2013 concessionary IAM agreements at United. Rather than addressing this in the maintenance thread, I think the topic deserves its own thread.        Yes I predict it...
  4. xUT

    United Airlines will lay off about 100 workers at Port Columbus

    Found this buried in another thread and thought it might be better posted here:   United Airlines will lay off about 100 workers at Port Columbus   Excerpt:   Excerpt:   B) xUT
  5. Socplat13

    Why Tim Nelson is Dangerous to IAM-represented employees at United Airlines

    It is very clear Tim Nelson has very little understanding regarding collective bargaining and the interests of IAM-represented employees at United Airlines. This thread will--point by point--dismantle Nelson's positions as they relate to IAM-represented employees present condition in...
  6. 7

    Future of IAMNPF at new AA/US?

    Given the upcoming merger and plans for the "association" between the IAM and TWU what does the future hold for the IAM pension at AA/US? Obviously legacy US IAM members will retain the vested portion but its unclear what will happen to new hires and IAM members who will pay dues to the TWU...
  7. 7

    IAM seniority concerns?

    Are any current US employees concerned about the IAM facilitating a staple job at AA similar to what they did to the TWA workers in 2001? Obviously this is a bit different than the TWA situation (asset purchase) but anything is possible. I imagine once it becomes clear the IAM will lose...
  8. 7

    IAM Concesions History

    Given the recent topic on the AA forum I think it is appropriate to introduce this discussion on the US forum. If a merger takes place fleet service will need to elect a collective bargaining agent, so a discussion of the concession history and negotiating tactics employed by the IAM is...
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    June - IAM Fleet Service Discussion

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