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    Horrible Experience on American Airlines

    I have never had worse experience traveling then I most recently did with American Airlines. I was traveling from RDU to JFK. On Monday May 22nd headed to my destination my flight (AA 4641) was cancelled a few hours before on the day of, re-booked to a separate airport, and then delayed 4-5...
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    24 hour cancellation policy

    I mistakenly book a Delta ticket from US for the wrong date. As soon as I realized my mistake I cancelled the ticket (within 24). Will I get a full refund for it. The airlines websites says full refund is provided for qualifying eTicket. What does qualifying implying here. Also how much time is...
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    Wrongly barred from flight- chances of reimbursement?

    Hello, I'm a study abroad student based in Luxembourg. Back in January I attempted to board my flight over to Europe at BWI airport, flying Delta to JFK, JFK to Amsterdam and Amsterdam to Luxembourg. I had booked my return flight home for May already, and when I went to the desk I was asked if...