1. E

    SFO-based pilots' housing

    Hello, is there a good place to post info on a small house for rent near SFO, which would be visible to SFO-based UAL and other pilots? The house is about a 15-min drive from SFO. Thank you.
  2. crossfeed

    United Overhauling Airbus's, in California!

    This week United Airlines started an overhaul of an Airbus 320 at their SFO maintenance base, and more to come. It has been over a decade since United has accomplished an overhaul.
  3. Glenn Quagmire

    EVA B773 - 600 ft below glide path on 28L

    Incident: EVA B773 at San Francisco on Jul 23rd 2013, descended below safe height http://avherald.com/h?article=465e38db&opt=0 By Simon Hradecky, created Thursday, Jul 25th 2013 18:05Z, last updated Thursday, Jul 25th 2013 18:05Z An EVA Airways Boeing 777-300, registration B-16701 performing...