1. C

    lawsuit against the TWU/ IAM Association

    Does anyone know if their was ever a lawsuit filed against the Association in regards to it's legitimacy? I was informed their was one but can't find any info.
  2. Buck

    Where is our 14% Equity?

    Where is the membership's 14% equity and if invested where is it invested and  in what?
  3. 7

    Future of IAMNPF at new AA/US?

    Given the upcoming merger and plans for the "association" between the IAM and TWU what does the future hold for the IAM pension at AA/US? Obviously legacy US IAM members will retain the vested portion but its unclear what will happen to new hires and IAM members who will pay dues to the TWU...
  4. Socplat13

    The TWU 4.8% Equity Lie

    The TWU is spreading the lie that if there is a change of representation then the former TWU-represented workers will forfeit their equity stake. If there is a change in representation the new collective bargaining agent would then be obligated to administer all agreements entered into by the...
  5. xUT

    AA TWU -vs- IBT

    Now that it is official that the IBT is organizing the TWU at AA, why do we not see the discussion between the two.? CIO, HSS, Overspeed, etc... why are you not here defending the TWU against the IBT? B) xUT
  6. BlueStar

    TWU Phone update May 7th

    I'm not a TWU union member but I have access to these conference calls, is that okay? Just making sure. If so, where can I comment on the TWU website? Otherwise feel free to comment here, note that there doesn't seem to be a privacy policy in place on in terms of selling or...