2022 Earnings Reports


Oct 23, 2010
Well tomorrow is the day that SWA will release 1'st Q earnings. Hopefully we can get back to our profitable Q's again.
Not profitable yet. Wat better numbers than last year and some beating 2019's numbers. Stock hoovering around 2% after opening near 3% on early trading. So some light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully the rest of 22 will be profitable going forward...

Oh, come on man! Analyst are getting exited over 1.86% increase, really? Why?? When I recover my almost 50% lost in SWA stock is when I will get exited, as I will be retiring by then.
Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there!!!

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Delta posted a positive 2Q Profit. With our fuel hedging going as well as it is this year we too should report a positive as well. I think Delta's was around 735 million.