AA and B6 lose trial. NEA must end.

Nah, they could end this overnight by disabling the code-whoring.

It's reasonable to honor what's already issued and ticketed for loyalty parity and club access.

That's not what AA is asking for.

They're asking to continue selling an anticompetitive product that a court has ruled on.

Note that JetBlue has been silent on the appeal. AA clearly has the most to lose on this.
Well JB smartens up a little in order to save the Spirit purchase, not so sure it'll still work without even more concessions asked for in order to get the deal done. So JB says it will not appeal but AA is moving forward and will appeal on their own behalf. In reality, JB says they won't appeal, only after discussing with AA to move forward with their own appeal, for it to look like JB is walking away from the NEA in order to try and get a blessing on the merger. Nice try JB, but more concessions will be needed, especially since you would be removing the largest ULCC out there and the biggest competitor in the ULCC market, period.

AA is appealing so they can leave the door open to do this with someone else.

Not sure who would want them as a partner, though.
Yea, still pretty positive JB and AA had discussions over Spirit acting like they want out but leaving it up to AA to do the appealing. Strategy in the biz world at work here. Will get a little more interesting to watch.
AA still pushing for a court to overturn the ruling for the NE Alliance with JetBlue. I would think this deal is dead with JB moving on trying to purchase Spirit now and with the DOJ also fighting this merger as well.