AA Flying High

first, congrats to AA for the first year. the overall environment has been very favorable to pull off a merger.

and quoting the article.

Indeed, despite the fast start this year, 2015 will make or break this merger or, more accurately, tarnish its early success.

In particular, four projects have to go well to keep the merger’s progress flying along in the coming year:

First, the company has to satisfy the Federal Aviation Administration’s requirement to get a single operating certificate that will cover both American and US Airways. That should come in the first third of the year, if the current schedule holds.

Second, in the second quarter of 2015, American plans to combine the frequent-flier programs of the two carriers, AAdvantage at American and Dividend Miles at US Airways, into a single program.

Third, by the end of 2015, the company intends to combine the American and US Airways reservations system into a single system.

Fourth, American’s management and labor groups have to maneuver their ways to new joint contracts covering the separate American and US Airways employees without damaging their relationship too much.

Given what’s ahead, Parker in a recent interview acknowledged that it was “by no means” time to declare mission accomplished.
That's right see the DL merger with NW was the miracle merger like no other

No way AA could be managing this well