AA''s product

Apr 15, 2003
Now that Don Carty has destroyed employee morale, the service from any AA employee in uniform is going to be horrible (how it could get worse - I do not know). The flight attendants will do everything possible to delay flights because of their new pay program which takes away pay for early arrivals. Mechanics will take their time and put aircraft Out of Service. Agents will be as miserable as ever. So who wants to pay for this crap?????? What is it that Don Carty wants? Banruptcy and destruction of ticket sales.

Sen. John McCain remarked how Carty called him personally to complain that his pay would be frozen at 2002 levels in order for AA to accept the latest aid. Is this guy kidding? Then Carty stabs the employees of American in the back by delaying the 10-K that revealed his nice bonus. Did he expect that no one would notice? What board of directors is allowing this?????

Now that APFA is reballoting their members - will AA file bankruptcy? This time AA will not be allowed to harass Flight Attendants to force them to vote Yes. And what will those who voted Yes to be stabbed in the back the next day vote the next time.

And whoever thought AA employees would be entertaining the idea of Crandall's return.

Carty - go back to Canada, They have their own bankrupt carrier for you (Oh you destroyed Canadi>n airlines as well before this AC mess)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dump this Carty loser.