Carty''s Town Hall Meeting at MCI



Carty came to town the other day to sell his concessions package to the employees. So what do they do? They reserve a place and limit the number who can attend to 300. MCI, by the way, has somewhere around 2500 employees. The head of TWU local 530 reported that only about 10% were TWU represented employees. What''s that, about 30 employees? I heard there were also some F/A''s and Pilot''s that got in. The majority had to be mangement. I stopped over at the Credit Union, and there was only one person working. She said the other two went to hear Carty.
Don''t you think if this meeting were so important, that you would invite the people who will actually be voting on it? As usual, this was a waste of time and $$$ at AA. Will it ever change?