Aug 20, 2002
I had the day off, so fill me in please. Was there any sort of Hey, we''re out of bankruptcy-fly us advertising in any of the media today? Newspapers, TV, radio? Maybe a sale? New fares? Or will it simply be business as usual?



Aug 20, 2002
Los Angeles
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Aug 19, 2002
Do not think that we need anything else to generate call volume in Res. On average over 150 calls on hold at times exceeding close to 300 calls on hold. Think we can thank the call volume to Peace of Mind, cancelled flights for April and now everyone thinking that use their DM on UA going to Hawaii. Sorry all, UA has no seats for free travel to Hawaii. Even had preferred members (Silver and Gold) complain at the long wait. Another thing that I have found is once again people are booking revenue tickets. The leisure pax is back and it appears that the biz traveler is slowly coming back also.


Aug 20, 2002
At last some good news. It's nice to know people are planning there Spring and Summer Travel.

My mother has never thought of cancelling her trip over Easter from SEA to PIT. What amazes me is the price of tickets. In December she paid $350 for a round trip and in April it's $250. U lost $100 on that one. People will pay a fair price to travel and for the service U provides. My boss also has plans to travel on U in July. He has his tickets and has never thought of Cancelling his trip to Orlando.

You would think that after all this BK stuff U would rethink it's pricing. People will pay a fair price to travel they just don't want to be taken advantage of.

I wish everyone the best. The employess of U have surrvived round one - the BK, now it's time to hang in there for round two. I don't know what round two will be - but I know it's still not time to have a party.



Aug 20, 2002
his is the message that Dave is sending to us DM members......

Dear R:

Last summer, US Airways embarked on a financial
restructuring designed to reposition the airline
for long-term success. At that time, we promised to
keep you informed of our progress - but more
importantly, we committed ourselves to running
a great airline and maintaining the confidence of
our customers, employees, public officials,
business partners and the nearly 200 communities
that we serve.

So, I am very pleased to write you today to
personally tell you that we have formally completed
our Chapter 11 reorganization. It has not been easy,
and it has involved sacrifices by our employees and
other stakeholders, all of whom have played key roles.
As we move forward, we feel strongly that our efforts
have positioned US Airways to compete very effectively
in the airline business.

Since we launched our restructuring last summer,
virtually every other major U.S. airline has begun
its own initiative to reduce costs and right-size its
business. As a frequent traveler, you are probably
aware that the entire industry continues to face a
growing set of economic and operational challenges
that are unlike any in its history. Yet despite those
challenges, we are confident that US Airways is now
in a better position to deal with the rigors of a
changing marketplace. Furthermore, with the completion
of our restructuring, we are now able to:

:: Access more than $1.2 billion in new capital to
strengthen our balance sheet,

:: Expand our regional jet fleet with several hundred
new aircraft, and

:: Extend our network through marketing alliances and
new service of our own.

We believe we have chosen the right path to success
while other airlines still struggle to figure out
which path to take. The support of our customers like
you has allowed us to get to this point, and we are
determined to continue to strengthen our airline.
If you would like more information, we hope you will
visit our web site
under the "About US Airways" section.

On behalf of the 35,000 employees of the US Airways
family, we thank you for your continued loyalty and
look forward to seeing you on board soon.


Dave Siegel
President and CEO

How''s that for advertising??