AFA Green Ribbon Campaign (stop contract violations)


Jun 12, 2003
Recall Teddy and Mollie


Please read below, latest e-line to the f/as. Green Ribbons will be worn along with the AFA pin as the official emblem, and signifies mangement consistently violating our contract, as per the resolution and the passing of the Agenda Item at the latest MEC meeting.

July 29, 2003


The labor leaders of US Airways were advised by Jerry Glass, Sr. VP, Employee Relations, that the Company has decided to stop the 5% salary deferral that began when the war in Iraq began. Mr. Glass advised the labor leaders the CEO Dave Siegel had made this decision because the deferral was an additional sacrifice and that it has been a critical issue for all the employees. According to Mr. Glass, CEO Siegel believes that ending the deferral is the right thing to do. CEO Siegel has said he would prefer to fight the competition and not fight with the employees of the Company.

AFA is pleased that management has decided to end the deferral. The decision is a step in the right direction and we hope the Company will continue with other efforts to help improve employee morale and working conditions.

The announcement to end the salary deferral was made on the same date that US Airways reported second quarter net income of $13 million.


Involuntary furloughs will begin on September 1 and September 4, 2003. One hundred and ninety flight attendants will be involuntary furloughed on those two dates. Of those 190, 76 are currently active and 114 are inactive. The last person to be furloughed is from the August 29, 1999 flight attendant class. Lists are posted in the crew rooms and will be available on The Hub today. Furlough notices will also be mailed today.

At the current time, the Company has not provided us with any information regarding possible displacements as a result of the furloughs.

The Company will be offering another Voluntary Separation Incentive Program (VSIP) and we will provide you with more information as soon as it becomes available.


As we have advised previously, AFA and the Company met for several months in an effort to come to an agreement on the terms of last winter’s restructuring agreement as it relates to the new reserve system. AFA and the Company could not reach agreement on a significant number of issues, and last week, the Company advised AFA that they would be implementing what they believe they negotiated with a target date for implementation of November 1, 2003.

The Company issued a CBS message to all flight attendants that could have been taken to mean that AFA and the Company were “jointlyâ€￾ issuing that message. That is not the case. That memo was simply the Company’s rhetoric and AFA did not take part in or contribute to that memo. At this point in time, we have no idea what the Company plans to implement. We have not been advised by the Company of what they plan to implement and we do not believe they have actually developed what they are planning to implement.

Last week, on an eline, we advised the flight attendants to contact their supervisors with questions about the new reserve system. This was done in order to get the flight attendants to put pressure on management to put out to the employees what the new reserve system will be. It was not done so AFA would not have to answer your questions, but until the Company publishes what they are planning on implementing, we have no way of advising you accordingly.

AFA has been talking to the Company in an effort to get this case scheduled for Mediation/Arbitration as soon as possible. This would be a forum where the unresolved issues would be mediated in an attempt to come to agreement on those issues. In the end, any unresolved issues relating to the new reserve system would be subject to the arbitrator’s decision. As soon as we have more information on this, we will let you know.


The US Airways MEC adopted the placement of a green ribbon behind the AFA pin as the official emblem of the Association at US Airways. The purpose of this is to send a message to management, other employees, and the flying public of the turmoil we are living with each day at this airline. The employees of this company have made their sacrifices in order for he airline to survive and our management team continues to wreak havoc on our working agreement and take more than they bargained for. Please show your support for your union’s efforts and wear your pin with the green ribbon.


Please be reminded that you are not required to ride in a vacant flight attendant jump seat while you are deadheading. In doing so, you may deny a fellow crewmember the only seat available while they are attempting to commute to work or home. We have had reports of agents telling deadheading flight attendants that they are required to ride the jump seat. This is not correct and we ask that you report any violations to your Local AFA office.

Thanks for calling the AFA Hotline at US Airways

Would you send me a private message on how you attach the moving icons to a message board post and for that matter an email message? They're cute.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Gee Bob,

Good for you.

We have a resolution and agenda items that passed last week. They can't be ignored. The green ribbon is a symbol of the contract violations that are egregious in nature.

This is the MEC. Its been passed.

Again Bob, as I have written to you on your PM, we have internal problems that must be rectified. Flight attendants DEMAND this of their union. That, my friend you will not understand. And John M. who criticises the union and mangement and this company, will write out again because it gives him importance from customers like yourself. For John, he portrays AFA as either too weak, and "do nothings". Or, if they are proactive, implies that their actions are "lame" at best and highly criticises the two LEC Presidents as loud mouth-eccentrics, and down right stupid, as he has written often.

Can't do anything about that for you, won't try. We as employees need to work for our company because it belongs to us, and we need to work in peace without anxiety created by this management who only are here temporarily. WE are here forever. All we ask is that mangement sit down and discuss with us these grievances so that we can pull them from aribitration. Every side does not get everything they want, but discussions are always necessary to create reasonable "fairness". As I said, the flight attendants demand this action. The ribbons are worn as solidarity among the ranks for this cause.

I will not give him any more credence. I will not mention his name again because he's been dismissed by me a long time ago, and I will not give him the publicity nor notoriety, even if negative, that he thrives on. You can do that for him since you appear to be a fan.
Now wait just a minute- I enjoy John M's, email's.

I'm no F/A,
but he tells it like it is....

Right on PITbull. How can we be grateful when something stolen from us is given back, under pressure, by the crook who took it. You F/A's keep saving us all. Keep up the good work.
On 7/29/2003 3:43:47 PM PineyBob wrote:

Great let's just keep being negative. That will be most helpful. The AFA leadership just proves the old saying "No good deed goes unpunished. Geez PIT you couldn't even wait a full 24 hours before you start the negative drum beat. UnFreakinBelievable! !!!!! McCorkle gains credibility minute by minute



Everyone is quite pleased to get the 5% back, but it ust scratches the surface when it comes to resolving the myriad violations of the employees' trust.


Tell Mollie and Teddy and the rest of the MEC to keep the heat on. This is the POSITIVE way to go about things. Fighting for truth, justice and employee rights. It doesn't get much more positive than that!


You do indeed have some cute graphics. But what do you stand for? Are you FOR something? Or are you just trying to tear things down to make yourself look better? If you have a better strategy, put it forward.

As for McCorkle's credibility, he writes very interesting columns and he can be quite amusing at times. But everytime he spouts inaccuracies about AFA leaders who are trying to make a real difference and everytime he sneers at people who have a genuine belief in solidarity, he loses me.

As Peter Parker's wise old Uncle Ben counselled, McCorkle would be well advised to use his powers for good instead of evil.

Don't whine, organize!

I remember back when you were 100% pro union slamming the company. In your own words, follow the money, so who paid you off Bob? You are one wishy washy dude. I gave the company the benefit of the doubt, but I was snookered and now see the light, but you on the other hand flip flop like a logic circuit 24/7.

I agree with Bob on this topic. The members of the AFA ratified their contract.

Pitbull, maybe your local president can explain the contact for you and exactly what you voted for with the last concessions. The AFA should not take credit for the 5% return and less than 24hrs your group is already promoting a negative campaign against the company. Do you really think that the passengers care about your green ribbons? That is another example of wasted union dues that are being spent for its members. You should concentrate your time on more productive issues that will help your fellow union members. Why don't you use that money to help your furlough members who can't pay their monthly dues?

I do not agree with everything that McCorkle writes in his newsletter but he does tell the truth concerning the AFA and their lack of leadership. They desire to join ranks with the CWA which sold its members down the river with the Kiosks and Mainline Express classification. Ask the CWA members in the new converted cities what they think about the CWA.
On 7/29/2003 6:38:37 PM Do_it_for_Dave wrote:

I agree with Bob on this topic. The members of the AFA ratified their contract.
Pitbull, maybe your local president can explain the contact for you and exactly what you voted for with the last concessions.  The AFA should not take credit for the 5% return and less than 24hrs your group is already promoting a negative campaign against the company. Do you really think that the passengers care about your green ribbons? You should concentrate your time on more productive issues that will help your fellow union members.


AFA members did NOT ratify what the company has implemented. We can go around about whether AFA members and others made a free democratic choice when they were told "Your money or your job" and Dr "Liquidave" Bronner was braying about parking the planes and selling them for scrap.

But I repeat. What AFA members ratified was not what US Airways management has implemented. All employee groups are experiencing similar violations of their restructuring agreements.

Pineybob is absolutely right about one thing: Management played to win. And they continue to do so. Knives in the back, guns to our heads, threats, manipulations, divide and conquer, cheat, steal, lie, ANYTHING they can come up with.

I'm glad AFA leadership has decided to start playing to win as well! It's about time!

It's about time the unions started playing to win. And that means pressing whatever advantage we have. Now!


See you couldn't wait to jump in on this action against AFA...

As you and I have exchanged PM many times and just recently....

Wearing green ribbons is not a negative campaign. Actually it is a "positive" campaign and promotes solidarity among the ranks. It is actually a "silent" way of protesting the violations of our contract by this (you) mangement. It is not for the public to jump in but rather be aware of the employees suffering from these violations. I perceive it as "benign" to the public.


Be happpy it is only the green ribbons as the agenda item that passed states for these violations, as it could be a "full blown" campaign using all avenues as the resolution stated.

For once, PIT president is at peace for the moment with the 5% return.

(you) do- it- for-Dave,

Never cease to amaze me that management and affiliated company hate to see the unions get back even what they are ENTITLED TO, all in the name of Corporate America.

Funny to hear you as management worry so much again about the two leaders of AFA and AFA who you call...what???? lack of leadership LOL...

Find it very very interesting that you criticise the possible affiliation of AFA and CWA, TWO UNIONS YOU WERE HOPING WOULD BE BUSTED BY THE SEVERE CONCESSIONS AND LAYOFFS.

Hah, foiled again,,,,,,,,,,,,and CHECK MATE SIR.

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