Airline Industry being torn apart


Aug 21, 2002
Its very sad to see the state of our industry. I guess the Repulican plan to make us all work for less is starting to look like a reality. Thanks Mr Bush! I guess that should stimulate something.
At this point, I'd rather hear about Bill and Monica... rather then WAR and UNEMPLOYMENT!!!
The bottom line is, what the passenger wants he/she gets. Nobody complained when high tech was ushered into the airline industry, while employees were ushered out. Everyone laughed at Sir. Freddy Laker, now we cower in fear at the names Southwest and JetBlue. No one cared that Saddam walked after Bush 1, no we can't wait to see his head impaled atop the Empire State Building.

The airline industry isn't being torn apart, it's being rebuilt from the ground up, by that lady sitting in 17B.

Take care of her and she'll take care of you.