Airplane kingpins tell Airbus: Overhaul A350

Clearly, the public pressure applied by Singapore and ILFC is having the desired effect. Of course, if this produces another two-year delay, then Airbus has probably just handed Boeing another couple hundred orders. Definitely puts Airbus between a rock and a hard place.

I wonder if this is a blessing in disguise for US. If there's a re-design of the A350, this may push them to go ahead and by the A330-200s (a good aircraft) sooner and not wait for the A350 - or - it could provide the wiggle room to get out of the commitment and go with the 787, especially with the recent GE refinancing. Either way, seems good for US.
You realize that like 60-70 percent of the 777 parts are foreign made (including small things like the wing) and it's expected that the foreign contect of the 787 will be an even greater percentage?

You do realize most of the oil we use in the USA doesnt come from American soil dont you? But since American companies control it, we have made record profits and created many jobs here in the USA. Boeing is an American company, meaning most of the profits from the sale of any Boeing jet stay here at home in the USA.