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Jan 17, 2003
Moon Township
It's just a matter of time.

Since you have been viewing this in the past...we all know the Union Consultants (who have been hired as employyes of our Co.) are here. We have a word for them called "Busters".

We all know that no employee labor group is valued since this new tean arrived. Managment has told us repeatedly that THEY are underpayed and can go any where in the open market and find better paying jobs than what they are accepting here at U. They want us to believe that there is such a great demand for these execs talent in the wide open job market that they can demand Much more money, and that we, lowlyees will end up with no medical no job, homeless, on the street wihout U, cause there is NO one willing to hire us in a closed job market for lowlees. Unfortunately, many employees here at U believed that retorhic.

So, here we are...stuck with barely livable wage for many, concessions MAJOR for 6 years, and our execs will be getting their compensation through bonsuses starting 2004. As far as pensions, this co. will not remain in the finanacial position they are today. This co. is using this present economic condition to get tid of the liabilities in a defined pension, so that they can take that money and put it "right in their pockets", in the future. This is all part of the "diabolical plan".

So, newbie, did I make my point?
O.K. folks go easy on a newbie!
After lurking since August, I had to login to this forum to throw in my 2 cents.
I read an article several years ago, about how companies hire labor consultants when they are faced with tough negotions with their unions. These consultants profile the union negotiators, but also engage in such things as spreading rumors and pitting one labor group against the other.
Although I can''t prove it, I don''t doubt that U and probably UAL have hired these consultants. They seem to be having success.
With the exception of some people in CCY, I find that ALL employees have value! I wouldn''t want to be a cleaner, after a flight dodging t''storms, who had to clean a cabin after half the pax upchucked all over the place. Nor would I want to be a mechanic who had to work on the elevator of a DC-9, outside, in a snowstorm, in BUF. The gate agent surrounded by 50 irate passengers when their flight is cancelled and the F/A''s stuck with 182 passengers during a three hour ground hold also get my respect. As for reservation agents, these people are probably the most overworked and underappreciated in the Company. Unfortunately, today many companies treat employees as commodities instead of assets.
If U succeeds in terminating the pilots retirement plan, how long do you think it will be before they come after the IAM and AFA? They will probably keep the retirement plan for management, because they are too valuable to lose!
For those of you from UAL and maybe AA, learn from the missteps of the unions at U.
They came for me and there was no one left to help
On 1/22/2003 12:52:46 PM Cory wrote:

Unfortunately, today many companies treat employees as commodities instead of assets.


Did you mean to say Liability, not commodity?
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