All Pacific flights to operate from SFO?


Feb 28, 2003
Any validity to rumor that all Pacific flights will operate from SFO gateway eliminating LAX for economic reasons. SFO airport can accomodate additional operations.
WHY would UA operate all Asia flights from SFO? All those people flying just to Tokyo from JFK, ORD, & LAX would switch airlines. I would if I was booked on UA. SYD service from LAX makes much more sense too, I know UA operates SFO-SYD service but that is really supported by the hub no so much SFO originating traffic. If this rumor is true we should operate all service to LHR from JFK.
On 3/23/2003 7:55:19 AM JFK777 wrote:

WHY would UA operate all Asia flights from SFO?


SARS. I believe that incoming pax from Asia are being checked for illness... some maybe quarantined. But, also, if loads are down because of SARS or war or economy, it''s just a consolidation.