American''s Top Execs Bonus


Oct 25, 2002
Now this is the part I don''t understand,just like when our Governor Davis bought into the overnight power shortages that happened over night.That was obviously bullchit.It doesn''t happen over night.Just a ploy to Rippoff by the greedy,and our simpleton Governor bought it.
Why is it i feel the same when I read how top execs are getting bonus''s and all this crap when everyone else is giving up there hard earned pay and giving up what will cause real hardships on all thier families.But yet these GREAT Execs deserve more,after all there inaction in the pass got you here.It isn''t all 9/11 here that caused this.It,s spending like there is no tomorrow.
When American took over TWA they threw away all TWA,s tooling which worked fine,and bough all new.That s just one items of many that landed American where it is today.
So saying these Top Execs are going to save your ass and deserve extras when everyone else rank and file has to give to them up is bullshit!
They arn''t going to save your asses they are saving thiers,and moving on.Playing you all like suckers!!!
Look where they got you so far!!!Is it worth giving them more?As they crash the airline and thousands suffer from thier inactions in the past to changing demands of the industry.They will walk away with thier pockets full and yours empty.
Don''t give up a penny untill they match in every aspect.You don''t need them they need you.!!!!!