Another Crossroad

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For you colleagues and customers are you inspired by the Product this Executive team is offering? For our Competitor’s Executives and you Analysts; In your opinion, does this Executive Team inspire customer brand loyalty and generate industry respect for Executive direction and strategy? Do any of you intellectual observers believe this executive team has the chemistry to inspire dedication, trust and loyalty to the corporation from it’s employees.

A highly successful industry leader who is respected by his peers, his customers and his employees has answered these questions.

Quote from SWA's Mr. Kelleher as he prepares to penetrate UAIR's market at it's very heart:

"Southwest's foundation based on treating employees and customers with respect".


We'd go to war with LUV. We just need a leader. We need Patton and we have Siegel.

The most important asset of any company are its employees. We will defeat LUV if we go to war with them. But our "leader" is afraid. Resign Dave. Go back to renting cars.

If dave the thief went back to renting car job, I sure as heck would not rent a car from the company he would be with! I would love to see someone like Gordon Bethune (CO) run tis airline. At least then we'd have a fighting chance at survival
and a battle with SWA at PHL when or if they go there!