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Apr 17, 2003
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American to stop Love Field service to two cities 12:23 PM CT

12:30 PM CDT on Monday, July 16, 2007
By TERRY MAXON / The Dallas Morning News
[email protected]

American Airlines Inc. will end its regional-jet service from Dallas Love Field to St. Louis and San Antonio on Sept. 5, according to the carrier's schedule.

At the same time, the Fort Worth-based carrier will double the number of flights to Kansas City, Mo., and Austin, the only other cities it serves out of the Dallas airport.

All service is provided through its regional affiliate, American Eagle Airlines Inc., or code-sharing partner Trans States Airlines Inc.

Currently, Trans States offers five flights a day to St. Louis, and American Eagle has four flights daily to Kansas City and Austin and three a day to San Antonio.

As of Sept. 5, the St. Louis and San Antonio flights are gone, and American Eagle will fly eight times a day to both Kansas City and Austin.

American Airlines began offering Love Field flights to Kansas City and St. Louis in March 2006 after Congress added Missouri to the states that could be served from Dallas Love Field. American Eagle started up service to Austin and San Antonio.

In April 2007, American ended the last of its jet service and turned all flights over to the regional partners.

Southwest Airlines, the only other carrier with non-stop service to those cities, currently offers six non-stop flights to Kansas City and 13 to Austin using larger Boeing 737 jets.
Not a bit... I'm surprised they have stayed this long.

It seems to take AA two attempts to learn from a mistake: Buying a West Coast-based regional carrier only to quickly dismantle their hub and routes (AirCal and, a decade later, Reno Air), and now, starting and then stopping service at Love (F-100 response to Legend and now this time). B)
American hates competition. Period. They would rather buy out an airline that may, one day, compete with them (see Reno and AirCal) or buy out another competitor (see TWA) just to do away with another pesky little competing airline, despite the lack of financial and strategic motivations for doing such.

I am surprised American lasted this long in the war of attrition at Love.