ATA Backs UA-US Alliance - DOT Indicates Decision Due Soon



Alliance Backed
ARLINGTON ( - The Air Travelers Association, a passenger-funded organization based in Washington, D.C., has come out strongly in favor of the US Airways/United codeshare proposal.
It has voiced concerns about the Department of Transportation delay in a decision about the agreement, stating Delaying this decision further hurts the two airlines involved and the passengers that they serve.â€￾
“After having lost billions of dollars, it is important for the network airlines to return to profitability so that they can continue to provide the safe and efficient air transportation that their passengers have come to rely on. The code share agreement between United and US Airways is a critical ingredient in the recipe for making that vision a reality for these two carriers, without doing any harm to their passengers or the marketplace, the group said.
According to the association’s president, “We support reasonable, prudent, and pro-competitive attempts by airlines to return to profitability. The proposed code share agreement does this without raising fares, fees, or other charges.
DOT Extends Review of UA-US Code Share
WASHINGTON (Aviation Daily) - DOT extended separate, informal reviews of the United/US Airways and Continental/Delta/Northwest agreements 30 days, to Oct. 23 and Oct. 22, respectively.
DOT is considering comments on the proposed reciprocal code-share and frequent flyer arrangements, but hasn''t established a formal docket procedure.
It wants more time to review information and consult with the Justice Dept. DOT noted that, in the case of UA/US, this is the last time it may extend the waiting period for the carriers to implement their proposed frequent-flyer agreement; DOT must either deny the arrangement or impose conditions, or the carriers may just proceed as proposed.