ATA plays an AA and announces MIA-IND


Aug 22, 2002
Well look at this. We''re all used to AA always defending thier territory and announcing routes after compieition do (while this practice is often frowned upon, I am in full support of it, even though sometimes, like JFK-ONT, it shows lack of sense and investigation into a market), but now ATA has announced daily MIA-IND service a week after AA did. Thier service will operate with a daily 738, complimenting thier existing FLL-IND service, which is a daily 757-300.

Now, I hope and prey that AA gets on the defensive and starts MIA-MDW. Starting at the end of September, I will be commuting between Miami and Chicago roughly every six weeks, and my home in Chicago is incredibly convienent to Midway and a real xxxx to get to from O''Hare. All my travel will be on ATA''s MIA-MDW route, but I''d really perfer to fly AA.
Do we have the gate space at Midway. We have the one gate and we use CAL employees to check in our passengers.