B6 complaint makes NYT

Aug 20, 2002

Flying on Jet Blue out of Newark? Beware. Be aware. And be early!

That’s the lesson I learned after missing my flight to West Palm Beach and not getting much sympathy at the Jet Blue departure gate — after I finally found it.

Jet Blue has two gates in a concourse also used by Continental, but only Continental has signs at the security area that leads to its seven gates in Terminal A, along with monitors showing the departures from them. Jet Blue has nothing there to alert passengers that its gates lie in that concourse, too.

Umm. if I am flying out of an unfamiliar airport and was not sure of the airline's gate, I would look for a information monitor. Or maybe an information sign. Or I could have checked the airline's website before leaving for the airport.

That said, I am a bit surprised that the tickets could not be used for standby for the next flight with no add collect. Most carriers have a "flat tire" waiver for people who miss a flight. Does jetBlue?