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Dec 30, 2007
upstate ny
I said it before and I'll say it again:
We have empowered the ignorant!

Our military is becoming soldiers of sensitivity. Our society is becoming a politically correct cesspool of villains becoming the victims and vice-versa. We have to raise our minimum wage to get welfare queens to want to get off their @$$! Meanwhile the rest of us have freezes and cuts to ouir wages, not to mention increased taxes.

Well now some local governments(including mine) either want or have a Ban The Box Policy. What this does is remove questions about, a-hem, crimes the felon, oops, er, ah, applicant may have been convicted of. They even want to remove background checks!

Hey look, it's, al-Zahiri and he wants a job with TSA!

So sue me if I am exaggerating, but go ahead and hire that felon who is now repented. I'll keep an eye in the newspapers for the results!
These people and the progressives in power feel criminals should have a second chance.....the same wonks letting the Gitmo crowd loose to go back to the battlefield and kill our soldiers again....but then again, they don't like soldiers so I bet thats good.
Back in the 80s there was a local woman who didn't approve how the criminals in prison were treated, so she went on a crusade to give them rights they didn't deserve. They sue for frivolous things such as creamy vs. crunchy peanut butter, all comes back to sue the clueless taxpayer.

A convicted cop killer in prison for life has sued the state and others so many times he has made a lot of money. Trouble is he can't touch the money, so he gives it to his scum bag brother and his(she actually might be faithful) girlfriend. His father wants no part of it.

We are truly becoming a nanny-state for the criminally insane.
So, KC, what do you do when a felon brings a gun to work because we can't know he was convicted of a crime?
From the website:

12/28/12 — Encouraged by the federal Second Chance Act of 2008, which aims to promote correctional reform, several states have cut recidivism by giving newly released inmates access to drug treatment or mental health care, focusing parole supervision on the riskiest offenders, and developing a system of community-based sanctions that sends only troubled or repeat offenders back to prison.
Yeah. Wouldn't want someone busted for an ounce and a half of weed when he was 19 to ever be employable again.

We see how well the war on drugs has helped.
Yeah. Wouldn't want someone busted for an ounce and a half of weed when he was 19 to ever be employable again.

We see how well the war on drugs has helped.

Agreed. If prison is indeed supposed to be a form of punishment and restitution then someone who has served their time should not have that previous act held against them indefinitely. Of course there needs to be a separation between a violent criminal past as opposed to say possession or something trivial like that.

A perfect example is the man who won the Superbowl tickets in Canada but was stopped at the border for a possession charge when he was 19 (several decades earlier). That is just plain stupid.

We complain about able bodied people being on welfare but as in cases like this we do every thing we can to make it difficult for people to move on.

Just another case of this country being reactive instead of proactive.
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