Bed bugs on BA


Oct 29, 2003
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British Airways is the latest airline to come under-fire online after unsatisfied flyer Zane Selkirk launched a blog attack on the company, posting painful pictures of around 100 alleged bed bug bites she suffered on a BA flight and accusing the airline of useless customer service when it cames to acknowledging her ordeal.

“At some point in the lavatory I looked in the mirror. It took a minute to see that there were small bugs – much smaller and lighter in colour than the one on my blanket had been – crawling around on my white shirt,” she writes. “I took a somewhat more measured approach to their removal this time, pulling them off carefully one by one with paper towels. There were at least four live ones on my shirt, another two crushed on my shoulder, and a blood stain on the back of my shirt where I must have leaned back on a full-size (and full-stomached) one.”

While covered in bugs, Selkirk claims she did not suffer any bites until her return flight from Bangalore to London, where seated in World Traveller Plus she says she was bitten around 100 times, as pictures from her blog of her skin reddened with bumps attests.

A BA spokesman confirmed to the Telegraph that the aircraft Selkirk flew on from L.A. to London was taken out of service and treated for bed bugs before being allowed back into service.