Comair System Route Map



[P][FONT color=#000066 size=+2]System Route Map[/FONT][BR][BR]Delta Connection carrier Comair currently operates more than 700 daily flights throughout its entire system to 99 cities across the United States, Canada (delete Mexico) and the Bahamas. From Montreal in the North, Key West in the South and from Bangor, Maine in the east, to Wichita in the West-Comair can take you there! [/P][BR]
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And this means what..I saw a while ago that Comair is now larger than DL mainline..a lot of people beat out of their jobs...remember all of these Comair people will wake up someday and figure out that they can't work for beans forever. All of these employees at Comair and all of the express carriers should have organized years ago, then the mainline company would not turn to them for cheap labor.
WHY is this on our board? Its hard enough fumbling around looking for our own news!!!!!!!!!!
I put the Comair route map on the US board because I believe it clearly shows a major comptietive threat and graphically show one major reason why US is restructuring.[BR][BR]Chip
and that's exactly why I said on a diff post that this company is shooting to be the next great Comair. only at a lower wage scale. We will eventually match that map.
Hey wings396 I work for Baby Piedmont were IAM, and still get paid dirt... 9 plus years to reach $19.00 plus an hour! They only give 1 for 1 credit for exp. on these junky Dash-8 s... only 6 mo. credit towards starting on exp. on the Real extra for FCC,radar endorsements ect...and the word is Baby Piedmont wants MX to give back 4.8% on pay... somebody smoking crack.
Chip, I have been on this board and others for 7 years trying to call your attention to Comair and Delta. I have even visited Delta’s boards to ask their Pilots “why are you allowing your company to under cut good paying jobs with cheap labor.â€￾ U CEO’s haven’t cared because they have been making the big bucks personally, while our revenue continued to flow over to Comair. I can say the same thing about U pilots. I’m glad to see you guys have finally caught on, maybe a little to late though.