Come Together NOW, or the Vultures will Consume Us


Sep 2, 2002
Now is the time for United employees to put our bitterness and fighting in the past. The entire world is either cheering as we destroy ourselves or waiting to help themselves to the valuable assets we have built and acquired over the decades for PENNIES![BR][BR]No one other than United employees, our families and friends will weep for us after we''re gone. WE ARE NOT THAT SPECIAL! The world has forgotten Braniff, Eastern, Pan Am, Swissair and Sabena. They will forget United, too. Count on it.[BR][BR]There is ONLY ONE WAY to overcome this horrible disaster. We must put the past behind us, accept substantially reduced compensation, then consistently deliver the very best and most reliable airline service in the industry for the rest of time.[BR][BR]Do that, and we will prosper, vanquish our foes, and win a higher standard of living.[BR][BR]Fail, and its off to oblivion![BR][BR]Our foes are watching us make fools of ourselves and tear ourselves apart.[BR][BR]Let''s tear THEM apart. Let''s outperform them, every flight, every day.[BR][BR]When we perform at our best, it shows, and the whole world knows it.[BR][BR]We were the number one on time airline last month. Number four in mishandled baggage.[BR][BR]Lets go for number one in every performance category with every flight! With that effort, customers will come back to us. Our competitors'' customers will come to us and we''ll prosper.[BR][BR]I choose to win and prosper. Who is with me?