Northwest WorldGateway/Detroit Soars.

We can print PLENTY of instances of other carriers giving LONG rest periods on the tarmac at O'Hare, Or DEN.
LOL, yeah you got me. It's funny how the media spins things. on the runway? Hardly. they did go back to the gate several times. seems i remember a NWA flight that long that didn't...
Busdrv:Gives your pax a nice place to sleep during those snow storms (or anytime your CAT II jets can't takeoff)[BR] [IMG src=] [BR]
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[TD vAlign=top width=469 colSpan=3][FONT face=arial, helvetica color=#3366cc size=6][b]Runway Delay[/b][/FONT][BR][FONT face=arial, helvetica size=3][b]Passengers Wait on Runway For Eight Hours [/b][/FONT][/TD]
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[TD vAlign=top width=343][i]The Associated Press[/i][BR][b][FONT face=arial, helvetica color=#3366cc size=2]C H I C A G O, June 3[/FONT][/b] [FONT size=4] About 200 passengers on a United Airlines flight bound for Dulles International Airport in northern Virginia sat on the runway at O’Hare International Airport for more than eight hours Friday.[BR] [/FONT][FONT size=3]Flight 1806 was scheduled to take off at 1:44 p.m. The plane finally left the tarmac at 9:53 p.m.[BR] The Boeing 777 was one of hundreds delayed by a string of thunderstorms on the East Coast, United Airlines spokesman Kurt Ebenhoch said.[BR] “There was only one flight path open and that was through St. Louis, and priority was given to flights already in the air,†Ebenhoch said. He said air traffic controllers continued to detain the plane.[BR] “If we had known the delay would have been this long, we would never have left [the gate],†Ebenhoch said.[BR] The plane was forced to return to the gate twice, once to refuel and once to replace crew members who had been on duty too long under Federal Aviation Administration rules.
[P][FONT face=geneva, arial, helvetica color=#0366c0 size=4][b]Hungry Passengers[/b][/FONT][BR]There were no meals available to the passengers during the delay, but Ebenhoch said the flight crew passed out granola bars stored on the plane for unexpected situations.[BR] United decided not to cancel the flight because the bad weather would have made it difficult for passengers to make other plans to reach their destinations.[BR] Some passengers were allowed to make brief trips into the terminal when the plane was called back, but most remained onboard during the delay, Ebenhoch said.[BR] [IMG height=10 src= width=10][/FONT][/P][/TD][/TR][/TBODY][/TABLE]It helps to speak from experience doesn't it, Busdrv.[img src='']
OK...this is the BEST one! [FONT face=Arial size=2]A Northwest Airlines captain has been fired after he kept passengers waiting an hour while he went to get a meal. He did not like the food being offered on board his plane and took a taxi to a restaurant. How'da like them apples![/FONT][BR]
Lighten up Francis!! Can't i poke a little fun without it being mean

Busdrvr: You make my point even more valid with every comment. Yep, you can have fun but start off on the right foot because past performance is a good indicator of ones mindset. I take it that me trying to get you to be encouraging is reason to be called, Francis? Maybe you should take your own advice and LIGHTEN UP.

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