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Jul 7, 2017
Hi all...
I am in need of help, my good friend is leaving delta for a better position in another company...
I have been her companion for the past 6 year. I am familiar with all delta r&r and do not offer anything that can pose a risk...
I manage a Realestate fund which buys holds and sell Realestate. I am looking for a long term friend who can assist me with this.
I reside in atlanta GA and holds most of the companies properties in atlanta, although my prior companion is from PA.

I apologies for the unusual request and hope someone will decide to reach out...
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Hi Solomon--

Welcome to the board! I can tell you most DL employees will run from this sort of post, as it's against company policy to travel (or have a companion) traveling for business purposes.
As far as I know, NO major airline permits employees and friends to use non-revenue passes to conduct business of any sort. Your friend should feel lucky that she is getting out before she gets caught. Not only might she have been fired, she could also be sued for recompense of the passes given to you in violation of company policy. The amount would probably be for the walk-up fare on each trip you took on a non-rev pass. That could get very expensive.
My business is in atlanta and I spend a lot of my time in Europe which is where I m origanly from. Never used the pass for actuall business matters.
I hope people understand I am not trying to offer anything that poses risk to their position...
However obviously I can understand the mater requires trust...
solomon is either a DL corporate security employee fishing for stupid Delta employees willing to violate the rules in a poorly designed sting operation or solomon thinks Delta employees are really stupid. Here is the last thread they started (with a different user name) asking the exact same question in April of this year:
Thx to FWAAA post. As I was reading post #1 I was asking myself, "is this the same guy that was begging for passes before?" then bam, FWAAA posted it. Yea I too believe they are the same in one. wonder if the owner of this site could see if IP addresses are similar (same area) of orientation? I for one NEVER give any passes to someone I do not know personally. 2- would NEVER give passes to someone "in search of". I have no clue about Delta or AA or United, but I do know SWA has done sting operations (3 that I personally know of) in the past and it all ended up on the news with people (and yes employees involved in some) doing jail time as some were stolen property from SWA. Not worth the hassle.
Solomon, your barking up the wrong tree. Those employee passes are to much of a perk to risk loosing them or worse loosing our careers over. My best suggestion to you is get another airline partner for those benny's or buy your tickets way in advance to get the best deal.
I actually have a final question for you Solomon; If you are good and successful at what you do for a career, then how come you cannot afford buy your own tickets? Even in first class? Real Estate investment manager? You should be doing very well for yourself to afford tickets to England easily. Something smells fishy here...