Cranky Flier to take 8 WN flights in one day.

Well good luck to the CF.  Knowing SWA, pretty sure they will do their best to help him out.  After all, we all know he will be posting about every single leg as he goes. SWA luvs stuff like this. Yea it sounds crazy, dumb or even stupid to some people, but, pretty sure it's never been done just for the heck of it.  Here's my guess.  Since he has reached out to SWA and notified them what his plans are they will more than likely bring in the newest plane they can to run the legs he is ticketed for.  SWA will count on their front line employees Pilots, mechanics, F/A's, CSS, and gate agents to do their best to keep him in the air and on time. During this busy summer schedule it will be a challenge.  A neat challenge to try and win at.  Look forward to all the updates of how his challenge goes.  Hopefully it will be a positive outcome for all...
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