Cranky Flyer announces a "Fight for 27, 29, or 39 Gates at DIA


Jun 28, 2003
Dallas, TX
Warning: You may want to take a couple of Tylenol before reading this post and link. It's going to give you a headache.:rolleyes:

Cranky Flyer does the math for us on the allocation of those new gates under construction at DIA.

This was a hard one to post because ya gotta decide in which Forum it should be placed. It's all about the humongous expansion going on at DIA and who gets/does not get any of the new gates--based on what Cranky Flyer was told by some people who are supposedly "in the know." It's very complicated because it appears that some of the data releases from some of those "supposedly in the know" are counting gates that will not be there when all the construction is complete and some gates that don't exist now, and as near as I can tell will NEVER exist. Also airport management appears to be leasing out non-existent (or will be non-existent) gates in the future. Here's just one quote from the article...

"In the last Denver city council committee hearing before the lease goes to the full council for approval, Denver Airport’s chief Kim Day said this:"

'All of the carriers that are growing are going to get the number of gates that they wish. This is not precluding any of our carriers from growing in the way they’ve told us they want to grow in the next few years.'

And to that I (CF) say… how? If United gets the 24 gates that appear to be speeding toward approval shortly and Southwest gets the 16 gates that it wants on C, then what do Delta and Frontier do? Maybe they can get room on the existing common-use gates. Or maybe those 9 ground-level temporary gates on A will be pressed into service in some form or another. As of now, the math doesn’t work, so something has to happen.'

That last paragraph seems to guarantee a gate grab that is going to make the Love Field Gate Follies appear to be akin to a ladies summer ice tea party. I note with dread the phrase that suggests that Delta will be given no gates at all. Not judgin. Just sayin.

Here's the link:
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