CRJ-700s Breaking


Aug 20, 2002
Being located in one of the relatively few cities that see the CR7, has it become a common thing for the CR7s to just break down? Over the last couple months have heard nothing but stories of numerous eqp subs and delays due to mx. Yesterday TOL had one of those nice new CR7s with a giant pool of hydrolic fluid under it. When the crew went in to pull back on the controls they couldn''t even budge them. Are these as big of nightmares as they appear? It just seems to be a huge annoyance rebooking pax on flights that are routinely oversold every morning.


Aug 19, 2002
I know that at ISP the cxl rate is very high. We now have two daily CR7 flights. That's just the price you pay when you operate a new aicraft.

1. The kinks have not been worked out yet

2. No spare aircraft since the fleet size is small

it will get better overtime. Just be happy your station still has flights!!!!!