Cwa Meeting 7/28/04

With Lakefield's terms, there's no point in even having a union. Oh, wait. Maybe that's his game after all. Work for Bombay pay, or lose you job and have everything outsourced there. If the CWA agrees to this travesty, you know he'll come back for another bit of the apple by saying that he can get the work done cheaper off-shore.
After talking to many people in res the general concensus is "No". I learned many more people this evening who are resigning or retiring. Even those with 20 plus years are dumbfounded at the offers proposed by management.
Then let the song end. The same old tune is getting tiresome.

In a previous post you contempleted what the unions may have learned throughout this ordeal. I learned two things. Management, regardless of who is in charge, opens the floor with a threat. And they will always come back for more. Let me present you with a question. If you were in our position and your members caved twice thinking both times that what you gave would turn the company around and it didn't, would you agree to give a third time? I want your honest answer. Keep in mind that not only did we lose wages, but benies increased, holiday and sick days decreased, shift differentials were lost, vacation was lost, and every work group presented the company with cost saving ideas and most were never implemented and if they were it took way too long.
Why in the world would the senior agents even ponder for a second on voting yes to get that measly $15,000. Sure, it sound great to be handed that amount of money while you're still receiving a paycheck. But, how far will that $15,000 go with no paycheck and no unemployment...three maybe four months, five if you're lucky? Then what? That money will be gone in a blink of an eye.

Hopefully the senior agents are smart enough not to go after the bone that management is trying to dangle in front of their faces. Look beyond the dollar sign. You'll make more in unemployment!
They know nobody would vote for this.....They tried to put the most absurd things in this...How many?..... about 25 items??????

Look at this!!!! They even say if they furlough you, when they call you start at the bottom at $7.65 an hour...... WHAT!!!!!!!

They can lay you off for a day or two or a week and hire you back at $7.65 an hour.... Sounds like they will lay the whole office off .... and call everybody back for $7.65 an hour.....

And then you can qualify for Food Stamps, too!!!!

What frigin planet are these people from?....They walk in from out in the cold as outsiders....They are not even airline people..Just here to rape and pillage....

***********************************************************Hey Bruce!!!!!!

This proposals an insult!!!!! You continually show that you view employees as a liability rather than an asset.....We are the reason that there was a profit while the other major hub and spokes posted losses.

It's managements fault that you cannot make a profit at WN wages, not ours......I'd rather see this company go under than take that crappy contract.....Thats right, you just said %^& you by proposing that piece of crap contract...... So I say #$%$ you too.

Full pay till the last day......see ya at Chick Fil-A....
youngblood said:
...If you were in our position and your members caved twice thinking both times that what you gave would turn the company around and it didn't, would you agree to give a third time? I want your honest answer.
My honest answer is "I don't know." It would depend on what the company's offer was, and what my alternatives were.

Certainly, based on the terms posted here regarding the current offer, I'd reject it out of hand. Frankly, it's not a credible offer, and I'm certain that they're lowballing to get a lower final agreement.

Here is the complete company proposal. If you thought the bullet points made it sound bad, just wait until you read the ENTIRE proposal. Buyout, BUT only 50% for part timers AND only kicked into action if 25% of the workforce takes it. Otherwise EVERYONE is stuck at 13.10/hr. Hopefully some of those who had said YES, give me the money want to think about that little part.
They compare us to HP in all but 1 section. I guess B6 isnt an option in most of the rest. Wonder why they decided to stick the Jetblue in the PDO section only? Guess 20.00 pay compared to them isnt a low enough option? :down:

I was a no before after reading the bullet points, now I'm a h*ll no! :shock:
Sad part is, some of the things in there I would have said yes to, before.
After reading that, this company wants to either abrogate the labor contracts or liquidate the entire company.