CWA!! re: Sentiment of more NO's than YES's going around this FACT OR FICTION?


Aug 20, 2002
[P]I don''t know who or what to believe..people are just now catching glimpses of the full contract,just a couple of copies circulating the sales floor, and by word of mouth(we know how accurate that can be)..and the general concensus is [STRONG]NO[/STRONG] in PITTSBURGH and ORLANDO rez.. [STRONG]IF[/STRONG] this is true,Will there be an 11th hour change of heart? Sticking points seem to be not the sick time or hourly wages, nor even the medical...its the payback of vac and holiday not applicable to those who used it(exempt) all this year vs. those who have not(3/4 pay),,and the internet techy desk which will likely eliminate several hundred TOS employees to furlough or banished to 13 an hour max.[/P]
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[P]At this point,(for now), I am........>>>>>>>.[/P] well would we do with the Judge?
If we only had a crystal ball.........
Folks have mentioned that the judge's decision isn't a negotiation issue... either it's tossed out or it isn't. What folks haven't mentioned as much is that the judge doesn't make that decision in a vacuum or with ultimate authority. There are criteria which must be met in order for a contract to be abrogated. And, either way it falls, abrogation or not... you can surely expect an appeal by the parties involved.
Unless I'm mistaken, the judge can only throw out the contract in its entirety; he can't simply make changes where he sees fit.

So he either leaves your current contract alone, or he voids it and lets management impose their own on your workgroups.
And while the appeal process is taking place, we won't be able to get DIP financing. Anybody check the system loads lately? 90,000 today, I'm sure it will be less tomorrow. The whole month will be light. We are bleeding from an open wound and it can only be stopped by an infusion of cash. We can only get the cash after all parties have conceded. What is so hard to understand? This judge is seriously company friendly. Look at his record so far. WAKE UP. There is no alternative. VOTE YES, and don’t be foolish.
Hi Chelebell:

Chelebell asked: well would we do with the Judge? If we only had a crystal ball.

Chip comments: Chelebell, Judge Mitchell has two options: Terminate the current contract, which would allow the company to impose pay, working conditions, and benefits or keep the current agreement intact for a bankrupt company.


You have to believe Chip on this one. The judge has only two options as stated. Do you think he will leave our current contract in place? He won't.
The company will not have access to DIP financing unless all groups make a concession. The company will impose an even greater burden on us if we don't vote for this T/A. EVERYBODY WAKE UP AND GET INFORMED.
What's sad is that if everyone votes no, and they wake up tomorrow and see that the judge just throws the whole kitten caboodle out and everyone is an at will employee, somehow it will be managments fault.
In Winston I havn't been able to detect a clear position,lots of yes,lots of no but the union has been floating NO idea and hope to get a better deal from the judge not better but shorter term with the hope that they'll get the old contract back after they emerge...
[BLOCKQUOTE][BR]----------------[BR]On 9/10/2002 5:12:27 PM RealityCheck wrote:
[P]and the general concensus is [STRONG]NO[/STRONG] in PITTSBURGH [BR][BR][/P]
[P]Well, I don't know where you got that information from, but being in PIT, the general concensus I'm hearing is a BIG YES.[/P]
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