CWA to get better package than fleet service now


Aug 20, 2002
For CWA people
That''s what I heard from someone I believe. Take it for what it''s worth.
I was told that even though the CWA and company haven''t said much publically of late, the CWA will sign and endorse a new proposal on Thursday of next week. Been told that part of the agreement is the company postponing the August 30th deadline so the CWA members can vote on their agreement.
I have no idea what will be in the T/A but I was told that the retirement package will stay in tack, unlike the ramp. Also told it will end up resembling what others took in medical. The pay is over $20 but don''t know how much. Still not a great deal but better than what the ramp rolled over for.
I can only assume that the reason why the company doesn''t want to sign it immediately is because they don''t want to interfere with a positive outcome with the fleet service vote.
I figured they extnded the deadline till Sept. 10 because that is the date the judge can hear the request that the company is making.
Let's hope there is a resolution to the negotiations soon. CWA's are more than willing to contribute (again) for well being and survival of the company, but the concessions must be reasonable. Maybe the CWA will post an update on the negotiations process today. Good luck to all. [:bigsmile:]
This was just sent out to CWA members.......

Friday, August 23, 2002:

A new proposal was delivered to management last Friday, August 16, in an attempt to break the logjam in of this date we have not received a complete costing of that proposal from management analysts. More accurately, we have received a couple of contradictory costing estimates from management that vary widely in their impact on passenger service agents. We are continuing to discuss this matter daily with management in an attempt to resolve the remaining issues in this negotiation...

The discussions with management are lawyer to lawyer and financial analyst to financial analyst, to attempt to resolve the legal and cost-accounting issues in this deadlock. A subcommittee of local presidents, along with staff and consultants are standing by to engage in explanatory discussions as necessary. The full negotiating committee expects to return to DC on Tuesday, August 27, to continue exchanges with management or to further develop the legal arguments for the anticipated bankruptcy hearings, depending on how the discussions unfold.

Our attorneys from the law firm Bredhoff & Kaiser, P.L.L.C. are representing our interests in the bankruptcy hearings, which began Monday, August 12.
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there you go. The entire negotiaitons team will be there for the briefing on Tuesday.

But the only way it gets signed on Wednesday is if the contents of it are not released. Think Thursday.

I was told it just wouldn't be fair to announce it until the ramp is complete with their voting.
Plus you are right about the September date.