CWA Update



CWA Representatives meet with US Airways Executives
CWA Local Presidents, staff, attorneys and financial analysts met with US Airways Executives, including CEO David Siegel, to discuss the progress of the restructuring. Executives made a presentation on the outlook for the industry and for US Airways, and committed to provide CWA analysts with detailed data on the finances of the company.
Following the presentation the CWA Local presidents raised several troubling issues affecting Passenger Service, including: the excessive furloughing of agents and reps; the extremely short notice of furloughs; the speed-up program in Res which is resulting in reps being personally disciplined for their call statistics; the shorthanded situations throughout the system which leads to a reduction in service to the customer; the attempt to reduce payroll through speed-up and short-handed staffing; the unwillingness of labor relations management to settle or compromise on employee grievances; the constant anti-employee interpretations of policy, such as management’s recent ruling that pass travel for “family membersâ€￾ does not include the mother and father of a furloughed employee.
The presidents expressed a deep frustration that after Passenger Service employees have voted by 75 percent majority to make an enormous financial investment in this airline ($450 Million worth of Passenger Service concessions), management has continued to treat the Passenger Service group as a liability rather than as the valued resource, and major financial investor, that we are. Rather than looking to build teamwork and effective workplace morale, management is driven by the question: “How many can we downsize to save money – how can we get them to work harder and faster?â€￾
The CWA Local Presidents also expressed that, individually and as a group, Passenger Service is sick and tired of receiving a pat on the head for our #1 performance numbers and professionalism, and at the same time getting a kick in the pants when it comes to Passenger Service input and job security. They stated that there is no question that Passenger Service morale and confidence in the direction of the Company is heading downward.
US Airways Executives committed to an immediate follow-up meeting to discuss and resolve these issues. We will let you know the date of that meeting and the outcome of the discussions.


Oct 24, 2002
Anyone remember the LUCY and ETHEL episode of them in the candy factory? And the boss too?Who would have thunk?