Dallas Ask For Stay of Investigation (Dallas Love Field Gates)

And this is where WARA comes into play...
Southwest wants its gate back, saying its lease with Dallas gives it “preferential use of the Love Field gates” and a 2006 agreement bars the DOT from “compelling the city [of Dallas] to force Southwest to accommodate Delta.”
I knew Saturday about the motion to stay but didn't know what they were asking to stop.
I was reluctant to post it because it might lead to speculation that the stay was for an upcoming undisclosed bad ruling for the COD by the judge. (He has said he would give the parties advanced notice of his ruling to allow for motions to stay and appeals)
I am glad to see that wasn't the case. The judge ruled all responses to this stay must be filed by tomorrow nov 18 with no further replies.

Also just to note, last week, UAL asked for and received an extension to answer a previous cross-claim brought by Delta.

UAL now has until nov 27 to file that answer.
The judges order says there will be no further extension of that deadline.

These extensions and delays appear to have prompted the COD to ask the judge for relief from the FAA.

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