Delta Adding Flights in Direct Competition with JetBlue


Apr 26, 2005
Well, JetBlue said it wanted to better position itself, by merging with Spirit, to compete against the bigger 4 airlines. So now Delta is obliging by adding routes and flights in direct competition with JetBlue @ JFK. Wonder how cheap Delta will put the new flights to drum up market share in hopes of stealing some customers away from JetBlue. Interesting timing on this move as JetBlue (if given the approval to merge) will be spending lots of $$$ to get the merger done, or, if not approved, has already spent large amounts of $$$ just to come away without a merger (for the 3rd time) and remain a much smaller airline than it needs to be in order to compete against Delta on this new route and flight. Is it a tactical move by Delta in the middle of JetBlue's attempt to get bigger to compete?? Something to think about. Will we see some other's from the big 4 do the same???