Delta causes more headaches with Skymiles changes


Corn Field
Nov 11, 2003

Basically, the changes are simply a progression of the new dynamic-pricing system Delta has already begun putting in place. The airline is simply making its miles more dynamic (in reality, elastic). First, a quick refresher on recent changes:
  1. Delta announced some big changes to its award chart at the start of 2015.
  2. Just a month later, the airline completely removed its award chart from its website so it could take more control over pricing.
  3. In March, Delta announced domestic flights would start at 10,000 miles for one-ways instead of 12,500.
  4. Finally, in May, Delta started testing out 5,000-mile one-way trips within California (which is not as good of a deal as it seems).
Throughout the last six months, Delta has slowly transitioned from a traditional award chart — which means each region of the world costs a certain number of miles — to a dynamic pricing system, which basically means it can charge you whatever it wants according to destination, demand and whatever else Delta math geeks come up with. The upcoming changes will be rolled out between June 1 and July 21.
I'm not so sure that's a bad thing for customers. If it lets people use up miles instead of carrying around huge balances, it's good for both sides.

All they need to do now is go to a "points plus cash" instead of just fixed awards, and they'll have emulated QF's redemption scheme (albeit the earning side of the equation still has no comparison, and that's not a good thing).
just had lunch this week with a Diamond Medallion who is also a former DL mgmt employee.

He said some of the same things while also saying that he went on a mileage run in business class to Asia in order to keep status.

Once hooked, folks will denouncee the changes but still will do everything possible to maximize the benefits.