Delta Connection Hands Out 45 More Planes

Chicken Taco

Aug 29, 2002

ATLANTA, March 2, 2004 — Delta Connection announced today the acquisition of 32 CRJ200s from Bombardier Aerospace. Delivery will begin in 2005. Atlantic Southeast Airlines will receive 25 of the aircraft, and SkyWest Airlines will receive seven. Chautauqua Airlines will receive an additional 13 Embraer regional jet (ERJ) aircraft for 2004 and 2005, bringing Chautauqua’s total Delta Connection flying to 47 regional jet aircraft.

“The selected quality carriers were chosen based on their cost competitiveness, ability to offer the operational flexibility needed to respond to the ever-changing market conditions, and a commitment to operational service levels,â€￾ said Fred Buttrell, president and chief executive officer, Delta Connection Inc. “Secured long-term financing for the CRJ and ERJ aircraft has been obtained without additional upfront cash investments by Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL).â€￾

ASA and SkyWest will begin to take delivery of the new CRJ200s in the first quarter of 2005. The new regional jets will bring Delta Connection flying for SkyWest to 63 regional jets, and increase ASA’s CRJ fleet to 148 aircraft. Chautauqua will begin flying its growth aircraft beginning in June 2004. These aircraft are being procured and placed into service for Delta Connection in response to the request for proposal issued in December 2003. Delta will determine the markets best served by these regional jets to support the Delta Connection network, and it plans to allocate this growth capacity primarily to serve Delta’s hubs.

“Continued investments in regional jets are essential to the future of Delta’s network. Delta Connection continues to be an important strategic tool to boost Delta’s financial performance, and maintain market presence,â€￾ said Buttrell. “Delta Connection also provides important customer service benefits, including access from hundreds of small- and medium-size communities to Delta’s hubs and an extensive network of domestic and international destinations. Delta Connection maintains the world’s leading portfolio of successful, high quality regional airlines expanding Delta’s geographic reach.â€￾