Delta Mainline Returns to BTV After 30 Years


Feb 15, 2003
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During my childhood, my family used to summer in Vermont every year. We would usually fly Delta from BOS to BTV. Delta also flew non-stop from Chicago and at times, from Cleveland and Detroit to BTV...all inherited from the Northeast merger in 1972. I believe DL pulled out of BTV in 1982. Since that time, Delta has served BTV via its Connection partners: ACA/Atlantic Coast, ASA/Atlantic Southeast, Big Sky, Business Express, Chautauqua, Comair, and Pinnacle.

It will be nice to see DL mainline in the Green Mountain State after all these years. Schedule below.

Effective March 02, 2012

ATL - BTV DL 1274 Depart: 8:30p Arrive 11:00pm EQP: MD-88 Flight time: 02:30

BTV - ATL DL 1079 Depart: 7:15a Arrive 10:10am EQP: MD-88 Flight time: 02:55
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