Delta Song?

Nov 20, 2002
Delta''s Song of Creative Bankruptcy
Enough about United''s imminent bankruptcy, which I cover in a special report [] elsewhere on the site. Let''s talk about the Big Sick Six''s creative bankruptcy. You already know about Delta Air Lines'' ludicrous plan to launch a new low-fare subsidiary to replace its failed Delta Express service. But do you know what they are going to call the airline? Believe it or not, the name is Song. Honest, you can''t make up stuff like that. Delta executives vehemently deny that they have chosen Song as the airline''s moniker, of course, but a little checking around the Internet domain name registry reveals an unmistakable trail. The URLs and have both been registered in recent weeks and the domain servers are listed as, which is Young & Rubicam, one of Delta''s advertising agencies. One more bit of Delta brilliance: The new carrier''s slogan apparently will be Fly for a Song. The URL was registered at the same time as the others and its domain server is also listed as