Delta Unveils Its Transformation Plan

LiveInAHotel said:
See if all of you Kool-Aid drinkers had a union like the pilots you could go into negotiations with DL. Since you don't and believe everything DL management tells you, they now will screw you BIG TIME! Maybe this time all of you non-union Kool-Aid drinkers will learn and organize! I doubt you will because DL will say "We will giveback what we're taking in a few years, we promise."

Yes, thank goodness we had the APFA to negotiate our "re-suck-suring" agreement. :p :down:
LiveInAHotel said:
That problem has now been solved, so it will never happen again! :up:

Let's hope not, altough these are the same recylced people from previous administrations.... I still remember them trying to sell TA 1 to us...

It will certainly be interesting to see how the non-union groups at Delta make out in the end? Has the company attempted to discuss or hear ideas from the various work groups? I'm certainly sending positive thoughts their way.

Hang in there everyone.