Delta teaching the world capacity cut language


Corn Field
Dec 5, 2003
Those of you who get a kick out of (and maybe other things) the language that DL uses to justify the capacity cuts that it continues to use to improve its financial performance, will find the following press release from Gol of Brazil enlightening.

During the month of December, GOL continued with its strategy of streamlining supply in the domestic market. The closing of Webjet's operations, at the end of November, contributed to a 21.0% decrease in supply on the domestic market. GOL is focused on accelerating the resumption of its positive operating margins and it has shown a 5.4% reduction in domestic supply, year over year, approximately 1 p.p. above the forecast announced for 2012. As such, the Company is reaffirming its commitment to the rational addition of supply to the domestic market.

Note the use of bold language and the magic 5% reduction in capacity.

Delta owns equity in Gol and has a seat on its board.